Youtube Upload Automation with Airtable

Hi Fam!

I’m trying to automate the youtube video upload from Airtable to Youtube but when I checked the
Youtube upload component it doesn’t allow to add the extra information like (Is this video for streaming, Change Thumbnails and etc).

I’ve experience of working with Integromat, Parabola and Zapier but I love open source tools and community.

Is there any way to attach that extra information and properly upload the video.

For testing purposes I’m using n8n Desktop app.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hey @Kamran_Imtiaz,

Welcome to the community :rocket:

Looking at the node we don’t have options for streaming or thumbnails but it would be a great feature request. For now the best I can think of would be to use the HTTP Request node to call the Youtube API directly which would take a bit of work.

It could be that someone spots this later and might have an example ready to go through.

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