YouTube upload has stopped working?

Hi there,

I have the latest version of n8n. I have a self hosted n8n and created a simple flow to upload videos to YouTube which I drag and drop into a directory. This was working for a while, however unfortunately now, although nothing has changed, i’m now getting this error:

ERROR: Invalid value “undefined” for header “Content-Length”

Does anybody know where this might stem from? Is it anything to do with the “Content-Length” header, or is this something larger/disconnected and that header is the first thing it’s failing on?

I should say, my YouTube OAuth2 is still connected properly (I’ve even reconnected it to make sure)

Many thanks!

Hey @UnluckyForSome,

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Has this always been a problem or just something you have noticed recently? I know we updated the youtube node in 0.214.0 which could be the cause.

Can you try setting N8N_DEFAULT_BINARY_DATA_MODE to filesystem and seeing if that helps?

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Hey @Jon, that seems to have fixed it! I’ve wasted too many hours on troubleshooting that one when it was such a simple fix :rofl: - hopefully my question here helps someone else with a similar problem googling that error! :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Hey @UnluckyForSome,

The good news is using the filesystem option will use less memory and will work with much larger files :slight_smile:

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thank you for that. it saved my night