Zendesk trigger node: undefined when activating flow

Hello folks,

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I just create a simple flow with a “Zendesk Trigger” node, no other node in the workflow.
What i did was setup the node (credentials, service, options and conditions) and try to activate the flow to start fetching whenever a zendesk ticket is created.
However as soon as I set the flow as “Active” I receive this error:

Workflow could not be activated:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toString’)

Running n8n 0.231.3

Hey @kinreas,

Can you share the workflow you are using so I can check the options you are setting? I have just given it a quick go and for me the node is working.

Is this the only Zendesk trigger node you have in your n8n instance?

Hello @Jon
Yep it’s the only Zendesk Trigger node that we’re using
Here’s the workflow:

Proof that it’s the only one:

Hey @kinreas,

That is very odd, For me that is testing and running with no issues. I wonder if maybe a webhook got stuck previously.

If you go to the Zendesk admin centre are there any webhooks registered?

Yes there are 2 n8n webhooks already registered (but those are webhook nodes in other flows, not zendesk triggers).

Hey @kinreas,

I thought that might have been it, If you make a new workflow and add a new Zendesk trigger node and configure it in the same way does it work then? starting to run out of ideas really and the next option I can think of would be to pop a debug build together so we can check the console output… Assuming there isn’t already something in the docker log…

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Hello @Jon,
Created the flow from scratch and deleted the old one, everything seems to be working fine now.
Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


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