Zoho CRM Bulk Contacts API Not Working And Scopes for Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice

Hi Team,

I am writing to report an issue with the n8n Zoho CRM node. When attempting to insert bulk contacts, the API fails and returns an error stating that ‘The expression uses data in the node Google Cloud Firestore or in a Set but there is more than one matching item in that node.’ Could you please investigate this issue?

Additionally, while there are multiple Zoho Scopes for different Zoho products, all of them use Zoho OAuth V2. I understand that it may be difficult to accommodate all Zoho products, but could you add more Scopes in the OAuth so that we can use a Custom HTTP call to obtain an authentication token and implement other required functionality using our custom logic?

Here are the scopes for Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books:

Zoho Invoice Scopes:

ZohoInvoice.fullaccess.all: Grants full access to all data in Zoho Invoice.
ZohoInvoice.invoices.ALL: Grants access to all invoices in Zoho Invoice.
ZohoInvoice.invoices.CREATE: Grants permission to create invoices in Zoho Invoice.
ZohoInvoice.invoices.READ: Grants permission to read invoices in Zoho Invoice.
ZohoInvoice.invoices.UPDATE: Grants permission to update invoices in Zoho Invoice.
ZohoInvoice.invoices.DELETE: Grants permission to delete invoices in Zoho Invoice.

Zoho Books Scopes:

ZohoBooks.fullaccess.all: Grants full access to all data in Zoho Books.
ZohoBooks.contacts.ALL: Grants access to all contacts in Zoho Books.
ZohoBooks.contacts.CREATE: Grants permission to create contacts in Zoho Books.
ZohoBooks.contacts.READ: Grants permission to read contacts in Zoho Books.
ZohoBooks.contacts.UPDATE: Grants permission to update contacts in Zoho Books.
ZohoBooks.contacts.DELETE: Grants permission to delete contacts in Zoho Books.

Hi @crossxsecure, welcome to the community!

This sounds like it could be a problem with your expression rather than the Zoho node itself. Can you share a workflow using which your problem can be reproduced along with suitable example data you are passing on to and referencing in your Zoho node? Also, can you confirm the exact version of n8n you are using?

With regards to OAuth2 credentials, you can always create generic OAuth2 credentials in n8n that are not limited to the scopes defined in the pre-built credentials. To use such credentials, select Generic Credential Type in the Authentication field of your HTTP Request node and OAuth2 API in the Generic Auth Type field.

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