Zoom Chatbot Message Construction

I am building a Zoom chatbot using N8N so that I can search Bookstack from within Zoom. Most of it already works, but I’m trying to make the message response back to Zoom take all the results and format it into a single message. That’s where I’m stuck. Hopefully the test workflow below shows what I’m trying to accomplish.

Hi @cleveradmin, I don’t have much experience with Zoom but from your example workflow I take it you want to create one element under sections for each of the elements in the data field from your first node?

I believe something like this would do the job:

I’ve added two Item Lists node to your existing flow (one to split up the incoming data, one to aggregate it again into a single item) and a Set node between them (which simply sets the fields in your example Zoom node). I’ve also changed the expression so it returns an Object rather than a string in order to handle the array properly (essentially just moving the double curly braces {{ and }} to the outermost positions).

This results in a payload like this being sent to your API:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Hero! This works awesome, thank you so much!

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