Zoom OAuth App Webhook Validation - Creating HMAC SHA-256

I’m trying to get the notification when a cloud recording is completed in zoom. But I’m not able to generate HMAC SHA-256 hash through cypto.

Zoom Mentioned: Once you receive the request body, create a HMAC SHA-256 hash. Set your webhook’s secret token as the secret/salt, and the plainToken value as the string to hash. Output in hex format.

I couldn’t get what is webhook’s secret token so It was not validating the URL.

Please share the workflow

Reference Link: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/webhook-reference/#validate-your-webhook-endpoint

Please help me with this

Can anyone help me please?

Hi @donaldleon, are you seeing any errors coming from n8n here? Can you provide an example JSON dataset received by your webhook node (you can of course redact the actual values) and confirm which data exactly you want to hash here?

0. Disable webhook answer.

  1. Get Secret Token

  1. Crypto module - Hmac method

  1. Set String - plainToken from webhook and encryptedToken from Crypto

webhook answer module
{“plainToken”:“{{ $json[“plainToken”] }}”,“encryptedToken”:“{{ $json[“encryptedToken”] }}”}

Options - response code 200

  1. Validate

Amazing, thank you so much for confirming and sharing your solution!

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