Zulip node can not update user for "is_guest"

Ah missed to reply here.

Just run the docker image we created and use the new role parameter that we added.

I ran docker for repo. But I do not see where to use role parameter.
As image, that is just a boolean option “is_guest”

Could you explain how to use that?

Should be in the operation user:update under additional fields. Can’t you see it there?

Hi, I must re-build repo to test again, and give you details image. Because this is not in latest branch more
It could be waited for a little time. Wait for me…

Hi, it worked.
Could you merge to master for next upgrade?

By the way, change text “Guess” to “Guest”

Hi, anybody here?
Could you help me to update this issue for next upgrade of n8n version?
@RicardoE105 @jan

We are here. I will try to add it to the next release. Thanks for confirming that it works.

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Got released with [email protected]