0.192.0 Problem initializing workflow

Hi, I just updated to 0.192.0 … getting this when I call the gui:


Hi @daniello, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. This is the second report I’ve seen about this but so far I was unable to reproduce this unfortunately.

Could you describe how exactly you have n8n deployed and which steps are required to end up with this error?

Thank you so much!

Hi … I update n8n nearly every week … never had a problem. The windows is faded-in bottom right when I launch the n8n main page (empty workflow). Did nothing else.

Thanks @daniello. Are you using the docker version of n8n, npm, build from code, etc? Can you share the respective configuration?

Below is my update procedure. npm is 6.14.6 … just checked it really only happens first time I call the gui in a tab … no further message when I load my workflows. Neither when I press “New”. So once I close the message I don’t see it again (at least not while I tested).

sudo docker stop n8n
sudo docker ps -a
sudo docker rm 263ec49645ca
sudo docker pull n8nio/n8n

Thanks @daniello so docker it is :slight_smile:

Are you setting any environment variables?

Oh my … it’s been stable setup for ages … and I don’t remember all the things I went through to get there (not being a dev). Tell me a command and I will send you the output :slight_smile:

Hm, I still can’t reproduce this unfortunately. Seeing it only happened once so far I’d say let’s keep an eye on things for now and see if this happens again. I’ve also flagged this to our engineering team, perhaps they might have another idea what might have happened here.

I am so sorry for the trouble this has caused.

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Hi @daniello, after testing some more it seems this might be caused by n8n trying to load the Posthog JS from their external domain. Are you by any chance using an adblocker that prevents this request from working? If so, you could try temporarily disabling it until we have fixed this (or downgrade to 0.191.1 until a fix is available).

Yes … thanks … that solved it :slight_smile:

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A fixed version of n8n is now available as well: 0.192.2

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great … thanks