0.234.0 - Error Workflows after upgrade

We have recently upgraded our docker instance to 0.234.0

Upgrade was unsuccessful so have rolled it back to 0.233.1 and now getting database errors below

Has there been any issues?
Noticed that the latest tag is now 0.233.1

Assuming it did db migrations and screwed things up

Problem saving workflow
Field 'id' doesn't have a default value

Illegal mix of collations (utf8mb4_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8mb4_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='

Looking for a pathway to resolution
DB was in a kube container, so its not an elegant recovery

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor, I am very sorry you’re having trouble.

[email protected] contains a breaking change (moving away from numeric workflow IDs), making older versions of n8n unable to interact with the database:

So you would have to restore an earlier backup I am afraid.

Out of interest what was the issue with the upgrade? Assuming MySQL / MariDB which version were you running?


Are we able to pull that version from docker?

This has created a world of hurt

Are there any scripts to repair a db?

@Dwayne_Taylor no scripts to “repair” a db as there are multiple things that could go wrong. I am not sure which version you are referring to but 0.234.0 is available on Docker but my assumption was that you upgraded to that release, Hit an unknown issue then tried to downgrade.

The options here are to restore a database backup if you have one or try 0.234.0 again and see if the issue was just temporary.

Can you also clarify what actually went wrong during the upgrade to 0.234.0 so we can investigate further?

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor, as far as I know, the easiest way to “repair” your database is to finish the upgrade to 0.234. Once you’re there everything should work as expected again. So maybe you can try installing that version a second time?

wasnt able to restore

Created a new instance using our scalegrid MySQL v8.0.26 db
Manually copied over the rows with the new user ID

Question will be - will this happen again with V235

The issues occured on 2 different n8n instances with different db setup

Problem saving workflow
Running on a mariadb docker ( mariadb-11.5.1 )

Illegal mix of collations happened on a MySQL v8.0.26 db
DB is in our managed db with scalegrid

What will be the process
Will I be best creating a new instance with the new database structure and manually migrating?

Unfortuanattely they will discontinue the support for MySQL - MariaDB in future releases :frowning:

Ok - This hurts - didnt realise this


n8n deprecated MySQL and MariaDB as backend databases in version 0.227.0. Support will be removed in version 1.0.

n8n recommends using PostgreSQL.

Refer to how to export and import workflows and credentials for instructions.

@Jon @MutedJam

Hello. I saw the changelog of 1.0.0 version. So did you eventually dropped support for MySql / MariaDB or not?

Hey @Mulen,

MySQL is deprecated in 1.0 and will be removed fully in the future. We don’t have a date in mind yet for the removal but we want to make sure we have some content created to help folk migrate.

If you are setting up a new instance of n8n we would recommend Postgres to make life easier in the future.


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