A better and easier way of importing/exporting flows and credentials (Backup and restore)


This is a very important point and should be at the core of n8n.

I noticed while working with n8n ‘the self-hosted’ the importing/exporting of flows (Backup and restore) is good but for basic flows or if we have few numbers, but how we can handle the below scenarios:

  • If we have +50 flows
  • If we have +50 app credentials
  • If some flows are related to each other and linked (e.g. flow a related to flow b and so on)

It would be great if we had an easy way of handling the above scenario and reducing the complexity of this process.

The easiest way is to backup the database, as n8n stores all workflows and credentials data there. You only have to save the encryption key somewhere to decrypt it later

Hi @barn4k,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion but this is not the easy way at all because of the below:

  • Suppose that I’m not a technical person, how could I do that?
  • How to do this with different DB used (e.g. SQLite or PostgresDB)?
  • How to do this with different installations for n8n (e.g. npm, docker, server, … etc.)?

What I hope to see is something really simple for non-tech to do backup and restore without complications.