A better way to schedule multiple flows

I am looking for a way to better manage scheduling posts, I have many flows that end up posting to my website for different things but sometimes they overlap and kill the database on the receiving server due to overload of requests.

I am now trying to stagger the flows cron time but it’s very hard to manage the overall flows in a nice efficient easy-to-use way.

At the moment I am just having to resort to using the tag in the flow title as a reminder to avoid overlapping flows.

Be great if there was a schedule management system.

any thoughts on this? Like a scheduler functionality, where you can click a slot and see what other flows are running in similar time slots around it maybe?

Nothing that I have seen yet, It sounds like a good idea to have though.

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I handled the situation with this workaround:

  • 1 main workflow that launch several workflows
  • setup an error workflow in case one of the workflow doesn’t work
  • set the workflow to “continue on fail”, not to block the next one

Works pretty good so far

be good to get additional thoughts on this

i might need to give the one workflow to rule them all technique a go :wink:

I started to think about this and then realised all of the flows would have to be inactive sub flows, and that wont work for me.