A question about the license

Your license, as I can read it, intends to prohibit from profiting on the creation of another automation platform, did i get it right?

Im developing a data science project. Part of the product allows users to import data (from S3, SQL etc). I would like to use the interface of n8n for that. Not sure if it breaches the license, since im not creating an automation service, but just want to include it in my service.

Is it possible?

Welcome to the community @aviv-or!

The idea is a little bit broader. fair-code allows everybody to use the whole product for totally free, no matter if a private person or a huge company, but if they create a commercial offering with our code, they would have to pay. In this, case as you would use a big chunk of the n8n code for a commercial product, you would have to get a license for that. If you want to have a conversation about that, you can write to: [email protected]


Hello, Jan, thank you for the quick reply, I’ve sent you guys an email :slight_smile: