Ability to set an auto-refresh interval for the http request node

The idea is:

Until we get an app2app Oauth authentication working (client credentials in the body) Add client_credentials grant type feature for oauth2 , we have to use the HTTP request node to get an access token. The downside to this is that we don’t get the token refresh functionality available with Oauth2 so we are stuck with workarounds (triggering the node via cron node or in a loop).

Having the ability to set an auto-refresh interval for the HTTP request node would be ideal in the meantime, this would help to keep the access token valid in any affected workflows.

My use case:

I have a workflow where I am trying to update a system in bulk, without user context/intervention for authentication. Example here: APIs | Autodesk Forge

Here is my workflow: Working with app-to-app Oauth access token refresh

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Many systems use this kind of 2-leg (or app2app / server2server authentication) approach with Oauth2, that isn’t currently supported. Having this refresh option would be great as we would avoid repeated calls/wasteful calls in the case you add this node to a loop (getting an access token for each item versus using the access token while it is valid, before expiration).

In addition, you also have some API endpoints that have rate limits enabled so by triggering those authorize/access token requests, you are reaching the limits much faster as well.

Any resources to support this?

Example returned token.