Access previous executions for pinning in-line

The new data pinning and data editing options are game-changers for ease of testing scenarios. It puts usability way above Make and Zapier, for me.

The final nail in the coffin would be if you can seamlessly access previous execution’s data for a node. So instead of first finding an execution, then going back and hitting data edit and pasting it, you would be able to access the list of executions and choose one from the editing screen then pin it.

@Giovanni_Segar thanks so much for your love on the new pinning feature - we’re also really geeked about it in-house!
Thanks also for your suggestion. This is something we assessed during initial discovery and something I expect we’ll add in future (just didn’t make sense to block the V1 and add this in scope). One of the main ways we’ll prioritize improvements to existing features like this is via upvotes on feature requests - so don’t forget to “Vote” on your suggestion :slight_smile: