Access previous executions for pinning in-line

The new data pinning and data editing options are game-changers for ease of testing scenarios. It puts usability way above Make and Zapier, for me.

The final nail in the coffin would be if you can seamlessly access previous execution’s data for a node. So instead of first finding an execution, then going back and hitting data edit and pasting it, you would be able to access the list of executions and choose one from the editing screen then pin it.

@Giovanni_Segar thanks so much for your love on the new pinning feature - we’re also really geeked about it in-house!
Thanks also for your suggestion. This is something we assessed during initial discovery and something I expect we’ll add in future (just didn’t make sense to block the V1 and add this in scope). One of the main ways we’ll prioritize improvements to existing features like this is via upvotes on feature requests - so don’t forget to “Vote” on your suggestion :slight_smile:

I love the new pinning feature, saves me so much issues with spamming APIs when developing flows, i can just pin the last request and use that!!! thank you

Do you mean you dont have to

  1. select execution
  2. go to json
  3. select selction
  4. copy json
  5. go to workflow editor
  6. Pick the node
  7. Edit data
  8. Paste and pin

These steps waste hours of my day !
Which version is this?

pinning means you can make an API call for example, then click on the PIN and it will save that data and use it when the next execution is run, instead of spamming the API again to pull that data back etc.

@RedPacketSec - thanks - yes.
But dont you have to do all those steps I wrote for copying and pinning the payload from the previous run to the next?
What would be nice is that you take any old execution - click the node with the data you need and click the PIN icon - 2 steps instead of 8 !

Here is a previous execution with data - the PIN icon is there BUT disabled - shows that red icon when hovered over.

If I could just be able to PIN that - it would save me hours a day !

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that what i do

run a node, wait for it to complete, click the pin icon. no copy and paste

@RedPacketSec That’s all well and good but for a variety of reasons it would still be nice to pin a previous execution while looking at it. It’s not always easy to replicate the conditions of one of those executions.

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Thanks - I meant pinning an automatic execution that has already run.
Not sure why the pin icon is disabled on purpose - it is there - just disabled.
Would love to know why.

@treyr to make sure I understand correctly: do you mean that you’d want to load in the node data from a previous execution into your current (editable) workflow, and then auto-pin that loaded data?

Just wanted to make sure, if yes - please let me know as this was functionality that was concepted out; just descoped for MVP.

@maxT - thanks for looking into this.
What I meant was

  1. Go to a previous execution of a workflow
  2. Click the first node (in my case usually the first node is a webhook which has incoming JSON data/payload)
  3. Pin that incoming json data/webhook payload for that execution (this part is where the PIN is disabled)
  4. Open the workflow editor for the same workflow
  5. Viola - the pinned data/payload from Step 3 shows up to be used as the input

Today since #3 is disabled, I select all the JSON incoming data/payload from #3, go to #4, edit the input, paste it and then pin it there

Hope this is clear enough, but if it isnt, please let me know.

@treyr hey yes that’s very clear now, thank you! So sounds like what you described is something that we had envisioned for the pining feature (just looked a little different, as when concepting we did not have the workflow level executions tab).

I’d also say this current feature request captures the ask; so to you and anyone else who would like to see this added - don’t forget to upvote this feature request :slight_smile:

Thanks - just voted

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This is really important and seems obvious feature (I want to debug already existing data from any step). I think it is about technical restrictions, because I can’t imagine how to not implement it with high priority :slight_smile:
Now I see disabled pin icon, but I can copy and paste as json (works a little buggy)

Hope to see this feature in the near future, thanks for the great job :slight_smile: