Add a warn status option

Currently there are 2 end status values.

Sometimes I wish that I can give warnings in the workflow (maybe with an extra node) that does not run directly to an error but points it out: Hey there could be problems here.

A status “Warn” would be really great for something like that.
Also a trigger node(warn workflow) would be really useful for this.

@lublak do you envision this as a “workflow status” type of node?

It could then be placed anywhere in the flow where you want to terminate the execution, and decide on a status via the node’s parameters (success, error, warn).

Let me know if you envisioned it differently.

Yes something like that. Only with an extra addition in case of a warning not to stop the worklfow but only to set the final state to “warn”.
Maybe as an extra option: “do not stop the workflow”. @maxT

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If the node had “do not stop workflow = true” and then a later node returns an error, should the error override the warn? Or do you see scenarios where both is possible? (does override, does not override)

@maxT Basically it makes sense that the warning is overwritten when an error occurs.
An “error” should always have a higher priority than a warning.