Add client_credentials grant type feature for oauth2

I need to do app2app authentication with client_credentials grant type for an http request node.
I try to use OAuth2 credentials but i have to set authorization url which is not desired in my case.
I need only access token url with client_credentials grant type.
Maybe there is already a way to do this but i not found how to do
If not, is it possible to have this feature in next release ?

Hey @mxmorin!

Welcome to the community :tada:

Thank you for opening the Feature Request. It is on the roadmap to add more flexibility to the HTTP Request node.

In the meantime, if your API allows, can you pass on these values via Header parameters or Body parameters? If yes, I would suggest you to pass these values via the parameters.

Thanks for your reponse.
I use Keycloak as oauth2 provider with client_credentials grant_type
As workaround, i have created first an http request to retrieve token and passed it to header of my api. This works well but should be great if oauth2 (or new oauth2 app2app credentals) manage it. We do not need authorization url.
Oauth credentials could be modified by setting an grant_type and require authorization url only if not client_credentials