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I wish the RSS module to output for each entry the list of categories it is tagged with. For instance, an Atom entry could have the following properties:

<category term="news"/>
<category term="technology"/>
<category term="linux"/>

That way it would add a way to filter entries or use the categories to format a later output.

Hi @raspbeguy, seeing this isn’t something n8n currently does, I shall convert your request into a feature request allowing you and other users to vote on this.

As a workaround until then, perhaps you want to parse your feeds outside of the RSS node? This should give you access to all properties. I couldn’t find a feed making use of category on an entry level, but the basic idea would be something like this:

That could do meanwhile. Loosing a bit of simplicity but eh, that’s how it is.
Didn’t see the Feature Request flag.

Hey @raspbeguy,

Do you have an example feed that does use categories?

Quick Edit: Just noticed the one I use a lot has them :slight_smile:

Another Edit: The node does output categories

Back to the first question… Can you share the feed you are using that isn’t outputting the categories?

Using my own blog feed Hashtagueule (this is an atom feed).
Maybe you’re using a classic RSS feed?

Perfect, Yeah the feed I am using is a more classic feed so the categories are <category>name</category> rather than using term. It looks like the RSS package we use doesn’t support that out of the box.

It looks like Reddit also uses the same term option so we have a couple of options for testing when we pick this up.

Now that we established that the node already outputs categories, maybe the feature request flag isn’t appropriate anymore?

I guess for this type of category it is still needed.

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