Add more shortcuts


I would like to ask for more shortcuts, like for example CTRL+ENTER for execute node if in node.
I know that you will have great ideas, so if you have one comment and I will update this note with your ideas :slight_smile:

Suggested shortcuts:

Key When Action
CTRL+ENTER If in node Execute current node
Arrows If in board Change selection of node
Enter If in board and some node is selected Open node
?? If in board Add new node (open dialog and add), if some node selected, add flow arrow to selected
TAB If in node Switch between node’s fields
SHIFT+? Always Show modal with all shortcuts available
R If in node Go to resize more what will make able resize columns (input node and output)
M if in node Go to move column mode

Resize/moving mode

Key When Action
Left/Right key If in resize mode and not selected column yet select b/w columns (input, node and output)
ENTER If in resize more and not selected column yet confirm column to resize/move
ESC If in resize more and not selected column yet Back to normal mode
Left/Right key If in resize mode and selected column already Change column width/move column
ENTER If in resize more and selected column already Confirm column size/place, back to normal mode
ESC If in resize more and selected column already Discard column width/place changes, exit resize mode

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I’m curious @Shirobachi how do you feel about “shift” as the primary key for multi-key shortcuts, as opposed to “ctrl”? It’s something I noticed Figma adopted, I think because “shift” is more consistent between OSes.

I think shift would also work pretty great for most shortcuts, but execute command in my opinion should be CTRL+ENTER instead of SHIFT+ENTER, because I think that much application use this for that kinda actions.
Also, I would like to point out that I might be wrong. So I would suggest make some poll where n8n’s users could decide what work best for them. Bonus points if you would be added customizing shortcuts or adding own actions :smiley:

PS. Thanks for kind words and I just wanted to remind that I love your product and work :heart_eyes::green_heart:

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Thanks a lot @Shirobachi that is helpful to know! To any other community members, please do keep adding your thoughts here - we check all relevant community posts prior to working on an improvement.

And of course thank you @Shirobachi very much for your kind words! Got some exciting stuff in the pipeline :slight_smile: