Add OAuth2 API refresh URL

The idea is:

To add a parameter to the OAuth2 API credential that allows you to optionally specify a refresh token path that is different to the access token path. Some auth servers split these paths into separate ones meaning N8N can’t update the token automatically for these use cases.

My use case:

I am interfacing with an API that uses OAuth2 but has an access token path of /oauth2/code and a refresh path of oauth2/refresh so when the token expires, n8n attempts to request a new token at the wrong URL (the oauth2/code url) which doesn’t support the refresh grant type.

There is no non-hacky workaround for this and there should be a way to specify a different path for refreshing the token, similar to Postman:

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This will eliminate the need to create hacky workarounds for a very simple feature that a lot of users might need.

Any resources to support this?

This previous topic: OAuth2 API: refresh token URL different - #2 by Jon

Are you willing to work on this?