Add "on error" to RSS Feed Trigger

The idea is:

I want to be able to handle errors, if the Rss Trigger node failed to execute. For this I need the node settings to include the “On error” section that most other nodes have.

My use case:

I’m using the self hosted n8n Version 1.47.3
I’m sometimes getting an error from the Rss Trigger node, not often, but it happens, it fails to execute.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It would allow error handling.

Hey @PvUtrix,

Typically trigger nodes don’t have error outputs as that can trigger an increase in executions for users that have a restricted amount. Have you tried using an error workflow instead?

Thx for the tip @Jon, will give it a try

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I’m getting an error like this, no output is generated

There is no “always ouput data” setting

How can I use the error workflow? I was trying to do this, but it’s not working, since no output is generated at all.

Have you tried checking for is not empty condition?

I’ll give it a try, thx

But it my workflow it didn’t even get to the if node, it stopped with an error on the trigger node.

Ah, Understood.