Add option to use proxy for Openai

Hi everyone, thanks for a very cool product.

Since I am in Russia and still using a locally running n8n instance, I can’t add credential OpenAI account as I get a 403 error due to having a Russian ip.

I have my own proxy through which other applications are running that use OpenAI api in one way or another, when used through proxy OpenAI api works correctly and does not return error 403. .

Could you add an option at the stage of creating credentials for OpenAI a separate item where you can add SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy? That would be really cool. Thanks for the feedback in advance

Hey @hakimovsashok,

It sounds like a good feature but we wouldn’t be able to add a feature just so that you can bypass the region lock / terms of service for something.

We were thinking about adding an OpenAI compatible node that the address could be set on but depending on what you are doing now using the http request node could be the best option or you could do some local DNS trickery.

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Thank you for such a quick response.

I’m sorry to hear that you consider this a violation of any terms and conditions of use, some applications do require a proxy to work properly due to factors that are beyond the control of the average user.

A prime example is Telegram, which was also blocked, but by the government, not the service.

Many, if not all, used proxies to continue using their favorite messenger. There is a similar situation here, as far as I am concerned.

And a quick search on your forum showed me a couple of links where the possibility of specifying a proxy exists, although I don’t remember which service was in question since I didn’t delve into the topic completely.

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You could use an instance wide HTTP proxy. But completely agree I would like to use the OpenAI node with OAI compatible APIs. Especially the Azure OpenAI private models

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Hey @hakimovsashok,

You are not wrong, there are things that are outside of the average users control, this is something that as I mentioned we will have something for in the future but we can’t recommend using it for your use case as some countries are banned from access some services by law which I am sure you can understand.