Adding contacts to ActiveCampaign list

is there a way to build a workflow like this?

  • a custom MySQL query collects some contacts (firstaname, lastname, email)
  • each retrieved contact is sent into a list

Thank you

Hi @meetab,
yes it is possible to do so.

To collect your contacts using sql queries you can use one of the following n8n nodes, depending on your sql database:

Our ActiveCampaign node integration supports crud operations for contacts. If you need a starting point to learn about using n8n you can do one of our courses.

Hello, thanks for the answer.

If I use “Contact List” as Resource and “Add” as Operation I need the “Contact ID” but how could I get this ID?

The purpose of my workflow is getting a list of contacts from a MySQL database then putting them into a list. If the contacts already exist it should update it (adding it into the list) othwervise it should create it and put into the list.

Is it possible? I can’t find examples in the tutorials.

Thank you


Hey meetab,
before you can add a contact to a contact list in activecampaign you need to create one. Using the Contact Create operation the response from activecampaign should contain a Contact ID.

Let’s say your sql database has contact emails and you want to find the contact inside active campaign. You can use the Contact Get All operation with an additional field, e. g. Email or Email Like to find your contacts inside activecampaign.