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I need your advices.

I was wondering how do you test your workflows when you change ou add new nodes in it ?

Currently I pick up json datas of previous WF and pined them in my new workflow manualy but to be more efficient it would be great to do that with plenty of workflow to be sur that the update still works with all inputs that a workflow can handled.

Is there a way to get inputs datas of a old workflow in n8n database and pined these datas in the new workflow by api or by calling the node “execute workflow” with the input got in database ?

Thank for your help.

Hi @Kent1 :wave:

Just to make sure I’m following and understanding your question - are you looking for previously pinned data to be able to be used again? :thinking: Or are you looking for general data from previous executions?

Hello @EmeraldHerald,

Thank you for your help.

I’m looking for general data from previous execution that I can test especially for subworkflow.
Like I said to test my new subworkflow after an update I check in previous executions, copy datas of the first node and paste them in the editor pannel to try my workflow with real datas.

However, with this method I can test few inputs but it would be great to be able to test with bigger scale and be able to take automaticly datas of previous WF to test the updated workflow with at least 100 and more inputs of previous workflow.

Hi @Kent1 - thanks for clarification here!

What you’re looking for would ultimately be a feature request - you can upvote and add your use-case here: Replay failed execution

Otherwise you’d need to look at old execution data that has been previously saved through n8n, and manually copy past execution data :see_no_evil: I can totally see why this would be useful, though!


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