Replay failed execution

I’m using n8n only for a few days, but I already love it how quick and flexible it is.

I was looking for a way to replay failed executions.
Sometimes an upload fails to a 3rd party system.
After fixing the situation I would like to replay an execution.

Is there such a function already?


Great to hear that you enjoy n8n!

Yes, if you save failed executions (which is the default setting) they will be displayed in “Executions”. Next to the status “Error” there will then be a “Retry execution” button which does exactly that.

That, however, works only for the case you currently explained.It will reuse all the data with exactly the same workflow and retries from the failed node.
What is currently sadly not possible yet is to change a workflow (because there was some kind of bug) and then re-execute it from the start with the same input data. That is however planned to add in the future.

What is possible for a while now is to make changes on the node that did fail or on any node after it and then run it from there.
Which retry functionality should be used (this one or the above described one), can be chosen after the “Retry” button got pressed.