AI Agent OpenAI Functions Node - Passing Specific Parameters

The idea is:

The AI Agent OpenAI Functions Node currently passes “query” as the sole parameter to whatever tool is executed. We need a way to define predetermined parameters, whether optional or required, that the AI passes when using a tool.

My use case:

For example, if creating a calendar event, I currently define the parameters for the AI within the tool definition and specify a format for the AI to formulate the query. It’d be great to instead have options within the tool node to specify parameter names and describe the value format the AI should use when selecting the tool.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

No longer need wonky workarounds to make tools with multiple parameter requirements work. Reduce token usage, increase reliability, makes workflow construction simpler.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Not at the moment.

After exploring a bit more, I’d like to add that essentially what I’m asking for is an output parser option that lives between the agent’s node and each tool node. This would allow me to very easily pass instructions to individual flows without making the flows too granular. FlowiseAI handles this logic if you’re looking for an example.

I discovered n8n a month ago.

Since I try to correctly connect openai functions (to receive intended parameter), and I just saw this message.

Is there any solution ?
I see “Are you willing to work on this?” does that mean if I want this feature I need to do a PR ? seems a bit complicated for something as easy as “over write with this json declaration”

Any news ?

Thanks !

I am trying to chat with an Assistant configured in the OpenAI console. I already have functions defined there with a definition defining the input parameters for the function.

What I am expecting is a mechanism to pass this input to a Workflow. I am using the same name for the Tool as the Function and the tool is called when i expect it to, but the input is always “query” with my last chat input as the value instead of the input structure generated by the OpenAI API. Even if I put a detail description in the tool description of what the input should look like it is still ignored.

Does the OpenAI node support functions at this time?

It looks like the AI Agent tool subnode corrected this issue. You can now pass values directly from the agent to the custom flow or tool. I believe it was this PR

Are you willing to work on this means are you willing to contribute to building the feature, fixing the issue, etc.