AirBnB Host Data

Any AirBnB hosts out there that can help me download a list of my reservations?

I usually manually download a CSV using this page:

I know there’s got to be a way to either programmatically download the reservations.csv file that the Export button produces OR just scrape the data on this page to update an existing spreadsheet. Any help would be much appreciated!

P.S. - AirBnB has an API, but it’s only accessible if you own more than one listing. (I don’t)

Hey @siper, so that’s a tough one (I am not an AirBnB host, so can’t even try out this export for a single property).

As a first step to verify whether this is possible in n8n, you could inspect the network activity taking place when hitting that export button (or when opening the reservations page). Google has provided some guidance around this here:

You could then try to implement the underlying requests using the HTTP Request node. Most likely this won’t be successful though because the authentication information used in the underlying network request will only be valid for a short time (i.e. your login session).

So you might want to consider alternative methods too, for example checking your inbox for new AirBnB reservation notifications and then scrape these (I am not an AirBnB host, so not sure how much useful information would be in these notifications - apologies if they aren’t suitable).

It looks like it’s actually hitting the API. I found the download URL using the Inspect tool. I logged out of AirBnB, logged back in, and the URL still worked. However, I have 2FA, which complicates things a bit. I tried using the HTTP Request tool using Basic Auth and GET but got denied. Anything else I can try?

Any chance this will help me get there?