Airtable - empty props are not created

Assume an Airtable table with “Age” property, and an empty cell. When you “get many” records"
I expect have just empty or null age property
I get: no property for this record at all.

This gives errors working with the prop further, because for some records n8n just can’t find this prop and crashes. So you kinda need to assign empty values for all records to have it.

I like that in Notion, even if the field is empty, you still have it after getting:

Hi @artildo, I am afraid this is the default behaviour for undefined values in n8n. You can also see this when using a Code node:

I’d suggest you simply follow your Airtable node (or any other node not returning the field in question) with a Set node in order to ensure a specific data structure when needed, using an expression like {{ $json['myField'] || null }}:

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@MutedJam thank you for this workaround

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