Airtable Node: Option to Allow for Using Field IDs

The idea is:


I have the following two requests:

Request 1

Resource: Record, Operation: Get & Search

To add an option whether to set the key: “returnFieldsByFieldId” in the request.

Request 2

Resource: Record, Operation: Create or Update

When using the Create or Update operation with “Map Automatically”, either let the user set the value for “Columns to Match On” (fieldsToMergeOn) in a text/expression field, and/or add a “Use Field IDs” option to allow passing field ids instead of of field names. Currently, if one selects “Field_1” and “Field_2” for columns to merge on, and the input data from the previous note has field ID as keys instead of the field name, the request will not work (given the fieldsToMergeOn key is being set as the field names based on the select options).

My use case:

I’ve always only used field ids when creating workflows since many people use our bases and using field ids makes sure that if someone changes the field name for whatever reason, it doesn’t break any associated workflows. As such, for nearly all circumstances, I can only use the HTTP request node to work with airtable requests. I really like the Airtable node, as using it would save myself a ton of time while creating workflows, but I am just too paranoid to use Field Names.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

I think for most use cases, using the field IDs would be considered best-practice, save perhaps for situations where you’d like for your workflow to work for multiple tables with the same Column names (though, even in this circumstance, there are easy ways to dynamically change the field IDs in n8n).

I am not sure how many others are die-hard field ID users, but certainly I image this feature making my life a lot easier, and easier for those who are less technical.

Any resources to support this?


Are you willing to work on this?

Yes, though I am not very experienced and would need a little guidance/direction to resources.