Allow users to create Variables

The idea is:

Currently, only the “owner” is allowed to create/edit/delete Variables. Additionally, creating secret variables like for passwords would be great as well!

My use case:

I am not the owner of the n8n hosted instance, but I am currently the main user that is working with workflows and I would like to add/edit variables.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This would be beneficial for all users that are not the owners of the instance they are working on.


It’s an heavy limitation on our n8n enterprise instances. Is there any consideration for that feature?

Best regards,

I developed an n8n community node, n8n-nodes-globals, which potentially offers the features you need.
This node enables the creation of a series of fixed variables, usable in all workflows. Additionally, it permits the swapping of various value sets without impacting current nodes.

Usage example:

Please test this node and share your experiences or suggestions.

Github repo: GitHub - umanamente/n8n-nodes-globals: N8N community node that allows users to create global constants and use them in all their workflows