Apple Calendar

Hello everyone, has any of you already accessed the Apple Calendar APi or is someone using it. I would like to create, change, delete calendar entries.

Hey @mac338,

Last time I tried this there was no API provided by Apple to do this, Do you know if that has changed?

I don’t know if that’s correct, but I found that

Hey @mac338,

That is EventKit which was what I found before and it isn’t a web API sadly.

There is also a CloudKit from Apple here.

But that probably won’t be the right one either, will it?

Hey @mac338,

Doesn’t look like it, I am not sure why Apple don’t provide a web api I guess it is just Apple being Apple. There may be other third party APIs that do something crazy though.

OK, it was worth a try. What would you recommend as a calendar? Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar

Personally I use a Google calendar for a lot of things but I have thinking about looking at other options.

OK, I’m still looking too. My choice is either Google, Microsoft or Nextcloud. What is on your shortlist?

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