CALDAV calendar options

I do not have or want Google Calendar, I use a self-hosted email system with a calendar built-in. How do I trigger if an event starts or ends or something like that? Is there not something that could access my CALDAV or any workaround for this? While I am at it, I also need something when I enter a contact into my address book. How would I do that?

You need some kind of API not sure if it’s for your service but have a look: CalDAV API Developer's Guide  |  Google Developers

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Thank you for your answer, but is there any way to do it without using a Google account?

So I am not familiar with caldav since them please let me know how this data is saved, maybe it’s in some kinda popular calendar file what we could easily process

As far as I know (which is not much), CalDAV and CardDAV are extensions of WebDAV. CalDAV models calendar events as HTTP resources in iCalendar formats, and models calendars containing events as WebDAV collections. Anything technical about it, I do not know.

Hi @superdarius, welcome to the community!

I am afraid we don’t currently have a designated CalDAV node and I believe working around this limitation manually would be very cumbersome. WebDAV (which would be the basis for CalDAV as you have mentioned) uses HTTP verbs which are not supported by the HTTP Request node. So you would need to manually build the respective requests through the Function node and then still parse the XML and iCalendar objects used by CalDAV.

So unless someone has some example workflow ready, I think the best course of action would be to treat this as a feature request. I’ll convert the thread, so you and other community members can vote on it (and thus help our team prioritize the request).

Hi @MutedJam, thank you for your answer and explanation. I am not very sufficient in this stuff, and would appreciate an example workflow if someone has one ready? Otherwise, I would also appreciate a conversion to a feature request.

Thank you and all for the answers so far!


+1 for CARDDAV and CALDAV support


+1 for CALDAV support

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I came here for this exact feature. Good to know it’s not possible (So I should keep using Google Calendar for now) but that it is in the backlog.

Obligatory +1

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+1. Google Calendar notably lacks authentication for external CalDAV servers, which means that one cannot use the GCal web application with external, private calendars. Zapier does not support CalDAV either, so having it in n8n would be a huge win, especially for folks trying to migrate off Google.


+1 This software would definitly need a CalDAV support, for interacting with Nextcloud Calendar for example. :pray:


Yep, a CalDav node would definitely be needed ! Thanks :pray:


+1 for CALDAV

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One more + for CALDAV

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