Australia/Melbourne timezone environment variable does not work

Australia/Melbourne is a listed timezone in the list of timezones wiki page, but is not recognised as a timezone in n8n when setting environment variables. In my case, I use n8n with a docker container specifying the environment variable like this in a docker-compose file.

      - TZ=Australia/Sydney
      - GENERIC_TIMEZONE=Australia/Sydney

Using Australia/Sydney instead of Australia/Melbourne works and both are the exact same timezones.

Not sure if this is something that can be fixed?

Hey @d4vidsha,

It looks like the package we use for Timezones doesn’t include it (google-timezones-json/timezones.json at master · sanohin/google-timezones-json · GitHub) there are other issues we have ran into with that package so it could be that we change to something else or make our own soon.