Best way to modify QuickBooks Node

I have QB node working along with Vtiger, I’m trying to modify the original QB Node to add more Resources, Operations, fields. Is that possible and how to do it?

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Yes, you can always extend the nodes. A good starting point is the link below:

If you do not want to do it yourself, you can either make a feature request here in the community where people can vote for it (the more votes, the more chances of being developed) or contact one of our developer partners. If you are interested in the latter, you can send me a private message to make the introduction.

Welcome @Medhat_Fawzy!

Could you give us some details on what it is you’re not able to do with the original QuickBooks node? Perhaps we can improve it.

Also forgot to mentioned that you can always use the HTTP Request node.

Thank you for your answer, I’m trying to pass more information into QB, For example the payment section, it passes only payment for the customer and there is no way to add a payment to a vendor, and also it doesn’t pass what kind of payment ( cash, CC, Check ). And that is just an example of what I found there.


Thank you for you answer :slight_smile: That is really interesting, I will check it out and let you know if I need help with my modifications.


I’m still new with N8N, I’m trying to figure things out one by one, I read a bit about HttpRequest Node, I will definitely it out.


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Thanks for the extra context, @Medhat_Fawzy.

If you can come up with a list of things that are missing, we can look at adding them to the roadmap to implement.

Does that sound fair?

How to send you a private message here?

Just sent you one @Medhat_Fawzy

Hi !
My need is similar.
I do need to collect some informations about VendorCredit in Quickbooks.
That’s not implemented yet.

@Medhat_Fawzy , have you got any success with your needs ?

Here’s my subjet :