Binary File can't be used

Hi I have this workflow:
Webhook → HTTP Request → Email

  1. Webhook gets data (works)
  2. HTTP Request -
    Sends a request to an api and gets a word document back (works! The file and meta data is shown in the output field and offers me to download it, which works as well)
  3. Email
    I want to send this file via email but how should I do that?
  • I can’t drag the file into the attachment field
  • I can’t access it viat $ or $item.body

Where is my file? :slight_smile:


n8n 1.7.1
community edition

I solved it.
It is super easy, but - with all respect - poorly documented :slight_smile:

When using the file node:
Field “Property Node” - here you can enter any value you like, in the next nodes you can access the file(s) with this variable e.g. “loadedFile”

When using an http request:
After you added the option Response > Response Format “File” > There is the field “Put Output in Field”, add a variable name here.
Same logic.

Dear n8n Team :slight_smile: this explanation should be included in the https request node docs and the read binary file node - that would make everything easier!

So in my example I called it body and in the email node in the attachment field I just entered body and it works.


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