[BUG] Nodes are not connecting to each other, and act like they arent connected

After updating to the latest version, one of my workflows got stuck on a http request node without a time out. it was set to try infintely so i decided to restart the container to get it unstuck. and after doing that about twice, the workflow just wouldnt work the data wouldnt leave the first node.

After that reloaded the workflow and all the connections to each node had disappeared, lucky i had data from a previous execution that i used to get the connections and workflow back.

But now the connections are there it still acts like its not being connected and wont connect when you drag the arrows to connect the node, check the video attached

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Hey @Josh-Ghazi,

How are you running n8n and when you say the “latest” version which version is that?

just the latest release from dockerhub. which was the latest, but now ive down graded back to 1.11.1 and redone the workflow which seems to be working fine right now. which seems to be pretty stable. however it seems quite slow though.

Kindest regards

Hey @Josh-Ghazi,

Was that the latest tag which would be 1.11.2 or the actual latest version which would be 1.14.0? If it was 1.11.2 it could be fixed already but we need to know the version you were using to work it out :slight_smile:

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Quick update on this one, We believe this issue was actually resolved already and using newer versions of n8n will be ok.


thank you so much for a quick response, i will try later on if im feeling brave, but for now theres a lot of work to catch up on.


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