Can I sync a file in google drive folder to a folder in onedrive?

I have read up on the onedrive node and searched the forum.

Seems there is a 4mb limit on uploads to onedrive.

But is it possible to to have an automation that is triggered by new a file in a specific google drive (or drop box) folder, that then syncs / copies over that file to a folder in onedrive?

If so would the 4mb limit apply?

The flow could be triggered by a cron alternatively.

Hey @Robm, from reading OneDrive Upload > 4mb, the 4 MB limitation is down to the API endpoint used by n8n. You might want to leave a vote on that feature request to support larger files in the future.

With this limitation in place it would currently not be possible to upload files larger than 4 MB, even if previously downloaded from Google Drive or Dropbox I am afraid. Even apart from this limit you might want to consider more specialized tools for syncing different cloud storages. An example would be rclone which I have suggested here: