Can n8n be used as a white-label solution supporting multi-tenancy?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been exploring n8n for a few days and it’s a fantastic tool! I wanted to confirm with you. Is it possible to create a white-label version of n8n supporting multi-tenancy? We’re looking to build a tool similar to Zapier or Integromat where we bring our frontend but we rely on n8n to build the integrations our customers need.

I know you launched the n8n.embed product which would seem to at least partly cover this case. Also looking at this and this posts it looks like you’re working towards it, but today is not yet possible? I’m aware of the special license and we’d be ok with that. We want to first make sure that what we want to do technically feasible with n8n. For example, one problem I ran into was that in order to allow users to connect Dropbox usign OAuth you need to set up the redirect URL, but our customers shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Looking forward to hearing from the team!

Welcome to the community @julian!

Really great to hear that you enjoy n8n! You are right, we do not have multi-tenancy yet. What you want to do could theoretically already be possible before we have but we have it, but then it would be on you to build something in front of the n8n-backend (or in it) and in the frontend which takes care of that. That would however be quite some work and expect it to take longer than us finishing on what we are working on, so probably not the best option.

About OAuth. That should be no problem. We have the functionality build in that allows setting OAuth credentials (like Client-ID, secret, …) for all users. They can then use it but can not see those values and OAuth works like it is supposed to work (users just see a button and give access via the appearing popup). That is exactly what we use on

Hope that is helpful!

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