Embedded Integrations / Multi-tenancy

First of all, what a great project🙌🏻

I have spend the last month testing out pretty much all the iPaaS-vendors out there from Cloud Elements, Tray.io, Kloudless, Blendr.io, Cyclr etc. … - And randomly today you ended up in my inbox😊

Im curious about if multitenancy is part of the roadmap, so it would be possible as a SaaS service to support individual customer with their own instance of automations/workflows?

By that I mean, also let the individual customers/clients authenticate with the individual nodes and so forth.

Thanks a lot and happy to hear that n8n somehow made it to your inbox ;- ) Sorry for the late answer. I started to answer yesterday already and I think I got sidetracked and then forgot.

Yes, it is part of it. Especially for the reason that a hosted-n8n is supposed to be one of the sources of income to finance the further development of n8n. Sadly do not know when I will get to it.

However just to not waste your time in case you did not check the license of n8n. It prohibits people to offer a hosted version of n8n unless the right got specifically granted. You can find more details here:
If you want to however use it as an internal tool for your company that would be totally fine.