Can N8n sub nodes support parallel execution?

Can N8n sub nodes support parallel execution? I test that the sub nodes are executed serially

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Not sure what you mean by sub nodes. If you mean the nodes in a workflow, then yes they can only be executed serially.
Sub workflows however run when ever they can so they should be parallel, your setup determines how many at the same time.

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I have a workflow with several sub workflows, but there is no chance that they are running parallel.
I am running on queue setup with 3 workers, so it would be nice to have the sub workflows execute on other workers somehow. I checked the execution logs and they are all running on one docker worker in sequence.

A workaround for this is to have those subworkflows triggered by Webhook nodes (set to respond immediately). And, from the main workflow, execute the subworkflows using the HTTP node (url: http://localhost:5678/webhook/<path>. Now you can trigger the execution of several subworkflows in parallel.


yes thats working, but the “subworkflow” functionality is gone, like passing parameters through the start workflow node (only working with query definition on webhook) etc. also no feedback is given to the main workflow for succesful execution.

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