Can we create user login & Signup module on top of this

Anyone have created login / signup module on top of this so that user can come and use this service as open source so that user don’t have to install server etc. is this possible or not

Hey @chandan988,

Did you try It is a hosted service provided by us. It removes any friction of self-hosting n8n. You sign up, select the plan you want to use, and use n8n out of the box without any manual server configurations.

basically i have 1000 clients who want to use this service so I want to host on my server can anyone can help

In that case, I would suggest reaching out to an n8n expert. It would also help to look at the license.

That sounds like you are commercializing n8n. For that a special n8n.embed license is required. Best to fill the form on the page and have a chat with our team.

Any update on User Panel is it launched, How can we install it

Hey @chandan988,

You can find the user management feature request here: User and Privilege Management [GOT CREATED]

At the moment it is not released, Although looking at this you may be after something else.