"Cannot GET /" screen when start

Hey! Howdy?

I’m getting this error when opening the Desktop application,
I’ve already uninstalled the app and reinstalled, same problem.

Hey @JPDaniel,

That is unusual, Can you run through the post below to open the desktop application from a terminal and let me know if there is any error returned?

Hi! I received the same issue

Hey @JPDaniel,

Did the console window log anything?


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Perfect thanks, I have asked around internally as I don’t have any ideas on what could be causing this one it should just work.

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Thank you! I’ll wait =)

@JPDaniel have you tried reloading the view?

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Hey @L_u_Qu_c_Vi_t, welcome to the community and thanks so much for the suggestion!

I just had to do the very same when testing the current desktop version, n8n desktop took a very long time to load on my test Windows machine.

@JPDaniel the Cannot GET / message is something you’d see when the Express.js part of n8n is available, but other functionality is not available yet. Reloading the page can help in such cases, once n8n has fully started.

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