Cannot upgrade plan during trial

Hi there n8n,

I noticed that when you create a new cloud account and fill in your creditcard details, you cannot upgrade your account. It seems you have to sit out the 7 day trial until you can upgrade.

But I already know I want the pro plan, and I need to invite other users. But to invite users I need to upgrade… which is not possible.

It should be easy to buy, not hard :laughing:

Thanks for making an awesome product! I really really think n8n is great. And I also really think it should be easier to upgrade your account.


Jelle de Rijke

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Hi @Jelle_de_Rijke, I am sorry for the trouble :frowning:

I too think it should be easier to upgrade and I sure hope we’ll allow that soon.

For now, you would first need to cancel your existing trial subscription via the Cancel subscription button on the Manage page of your n8n cloud dashboard. You can then start a new subscription in any of the larger n8n cloud plans.

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