Change file name by Request

Is there a way to change the name of any file when we put a file link to download? In this print of mine there is an audio file and I wanted to change the name of the file using the request configuration itself. (I know we can use other means, but I prefer request)

Hey @Ruan17,

You could use a code node to change the filename or if the response has the content-disposition header set with the correct filename in it you could use something like this: HTTP Request Node: Read filename from content-disposition header when downloading files - #3 by MutedJam

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How can I do using header

Hey @Ruan17, I’ve updated the thread linked by Jon using the latest node versions. Check out the latest post which includes a workflow example showing the settings required to return the header on the HTTP Request node.

Hi @MuteJJam, how are you? I wanted to do it inside the node request, not the node code, but thanks anyway friend! I can change it in another very simple way, do you want to see my flow?

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Good news on this one actually, looks like n8n will soon handle this header out of the box thanks to @netroy :slight_smile:

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