Change HTTP logo for making things clearer?

The idea is:

Add a way to insert a logo to an HTTP node so we identify better this node.

My use case:

I have many different API so adding a logo would help to identify the node faster.

Hi @Thomas_Pedot

It’s a good idea.

For now, How about using Sticky Notes? It’s really useful. Available on v0.174.0


Good idea, I like this. Would be nice if you could pull from the existing library of icons from n8n as well.


So something like maybe using a sites favicon or app icon if available?


This would be cool!

I’m really missing the Node Color option :cry:


Oh yes, huge fan of the http request node here, I too would love to see this!

Don’t forget to vote on this yourself @Thomas_Pedot to make it count :slight_smile:

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Another post about this with the idea to put the image in the credentials that way an update to one icon would spread across the whole project. That would work great in combination with the Node Color option.

  1. Really love the color idea!
  2. Thinking about ways a baseURL could be integrated into the credential.
    A. If the base url was implemented in the credential as an optional N8N could take the domain name and look for a favicon.
    B. HTTP Node could now include a field “BaseURL” as separate from “endpoint” making it much easier to write api calls without always having to look up the base url hidden wherever in the API docs.

Upvote if you like this idea!!!

Also change the default image of the node. Having an @ logo can make things confusing, IMO.