Change HTTP logo for making things clearer?

The idea is:

Add a way to insert a logo to an HTTP node so we identify better this node.

My use case:

I have many different API so adding a logo would help to identify the node faster.

Hi @Thomas_Pedot

It’s a good idea.

For now, How about using Sticky Notes? It’s really useful. Available on v0.174.0

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Good idea, I like this. Would be nice if you could pull from the existing library of icons from n8n as well.


So something like maybe using a sites favicon or app icon if available?


This would be cool!

I’m really missing the Node Color option :cry:

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Oh yes, huge fan of the http request node here, I too would love to see this!

Don’t forget to vote on this yourself @Thomas_Pedot to make it count :slight_smile:

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