Changing Workflow name refires the last workflow

Yes, it’s happened to me twice on two of my workflows.

See example of one of the workflows (the other one is the same but sends out email using Send Email instead of Twilio SMS);

  1. So it checks for AT modication with AT trigger node.
  2. Checks to see if a ‘Selection’ (check mark) has been made on a specific Column of the AT base and table using IF node.
  3. Sets the data for those that have been Selections.
  4. Sends SMS to those users via Twilio.

So in this example when I renamed the ‘LIVE’ workflow (a few days later), it re-ran it again using the same data, so the same people received the same SMS again (not a problem as a test).

And as a note I knw at least one of the people did not have a current ‘Selection’ on their table so it suggests it was using the past data.

Hope this helps.