Google Calendar trigger refires the workflow after changes made


I have had issues with Google Calendar trigger.
After saving changes or (changing the workflow name), it refires the workflow with all the data executed from the moment when the last changes were made up until now. I usually remember to disconnect the node from the rest of the nodes in order for the executions to end there, but today the same situation happened after updating the self-hosted app via Docker in result of which I sent about 170 emails.

I see similar issues being reported with other triggers. Airtable for instance and after rebuilding Docker containers. Not sure if my problem persists for the same reasons.

I am using Credential for Google Calendar OAuth2 API and the trigger is set to “Event Starts” although I think it doesn’t matter as I think I recall that happening with “Event Updated” trigger as well.

I hope you can help me figure it out.
Best regards

Hey @Rafix, many thanks for reaching out! I have seen a few reports of this for different nodes but was unfortunately never able to reproduce this.

I have, however, added it to our internal bug tracker for a closer look by the engineering team. We’ll of course let you know once there is any feedback.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience this causes.

Hey @MutedJam, another funny thing happened that hasn’t happened before.
One of the other processes (this time with cron trigger) couldn’t fire for some reason (I got such an Error: The workflow execution is probably still running but it may have crashed and n8n cannot safely tell.), and the same minute those troublesome Google trigger processes did, causing the same mayhem. This is the first time I got such an error as well, and the process executed correctly the next time cron triggered it.

Maybe that info will help figure out what is happening.
Best regards,

What Rafix reported happened to me as well. Lots of old events got loaded to the trigger, and therefore to the whole workflow.

I’m also having issues related to events that other people invite me to. Some of them are not triggering the node.
Has anyone else reported something similar?