Cloud instance support VPNs or SSH tunnels


One of my client use n8n to connect some corporate applications with external providers. They operate in the banking and mobile money area, and there is a strong need for connection through VPNs or SSH tunnels.

We saw from previous messages that this is achievable through a local installation of n8n on our local cloud environment, but do you have any plan to provide this feature as part of the environment ?

Hey @Yoann

It would depend on what they are trying to access through a tunnel, we are looking at adding ssh tunnel support to some of the database nodes which will help with part of this.

Having implemented projects for various banks and finance companies over the years I suspect a self hosted option may be better to help with compliance so it may be worth looking into that.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your answer. I’m not an expert on VPN/SSH connections, so my needs may not be detailed enough, but so far our workflow has a webhook as trigger, where we listen to the partner event, and then we process HTTP Request to our internal system. So we’re mainly looking to access the webhook through a VPN tunnel (rather than from the public address)

Hey @Yoann,

So for that you will want to take the self hosted approach as you will probably need a private network as well if the webhook isn’t meant to be public at all.

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Thank you for your smart reply. I think I will have to go for that in the short term. But to reformulate my question, as we are in the “feature request” forum :wink: would there be any plans to provide private webhooks (or control per webhook which can be accessed to restricted proviers/adress/IP range) for the cloud-based version of n8n ?

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I have not seen any plans for that but the clarification is very useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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