Collapsable JSON

would be nice to be able to collapse JSON …

Check out JSONLint

Do you mean like this?
collapse-json (1)

This is in the node’s output; so let me know if there is another context you’re referencing where it’s not possible - I just checked in Function node and also possible to collapse code with Monaco editor.

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@maxT yes! Wasn’t aware of the fact that this already worked, because I was used to working with JSONLint which displays triangles in front of rows that are collapsable.

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one thing though; would be nice if n8n could remember what you collapsed. Now when you leave a node and come back to it, everything is expanded again. Particularly handy when working with Buffer data, which makes it (the Desktop App) unresponsive.

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Thanks for the feedback. It makes sense that a visual affordance could help with discoverability of this feature. I’ll keep that in mind as we revisit this view!

That would be great! … and I hope so, since I lost 1 vote for a feature request that already exists :grin: