Community node - Discord Trigger / Send


This is my second node, in fact this is a collection of two nodes. The first is a Discord trigger, to listen to channels and run workflows if it matches certain conditions. The second is kind of the same as the official one, instead it doesn’t rely on a webhook but on a Discord bot integrated with it. This node also have special features like the ability to send interactive dialogs (using buttons, select), waiting an answer to continue the workflow.

Technically it’s a bit tricky, I have a lot of parent-child process communications (between the bot and the node executions), so probably lot of bugs to catch at this early stage. But if you give it a try don’t hesitate to ask for help or report any problem :slight_smile:


@hckdotng this is absolutely amazing - why isn’t this topic full of admirations of your work? lol
I was completely lost with integrating discord into n8n (Either had to use polling, or some other kind of solution), but what you created is brilliant.

What would you say the limitations are of this node? Is there also a way to register more commands? (other than the ones that are included like /test)
@Jon @MutedJam Hope you guys tried this out as well - working really well.

Hey @bees8,

This one is not a node I have tried myself there are a bunch of nodes and keeping up with them can be tricky :slight_smile:

We do however currently have our internal overhaul of the Discord node in progress although I have not looked at that yet either to see what is included.

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Would be very cool to see a discord node overhaul!
Discord has been one of the integrations I’ve been struggling the most with (apart from the Twitter CRC check CRC Twitter response challenge - Built with n8n - n8n ), the only way to get discord to trigger is through polling. Would be amazing to have a native node like @hckdotng did (maybe you can use his/hers :wink: )