Compare Datasets affects inputs (!)

Manipulation with the “Compare Datasets” node literally changes incoming data. Looks weird, but check this out.

  1. Take the workflow, run it. You will have 1 item for every output.
  1. Under the “Mix of Versions”, enter text2 into For Everything Except field. Launch.
  2. Delete text2 from the (2) and run again.
  3. Now output #1 gets 2 items, output #2 gets none (should be 1 and 1)
  4. Take a look at the Input A to the left. Now the text2 property is equal to “bbbb”, but it is actually “bbb”



Hey @artildo,

I have created the workflow below which I think follows your steps to reproduce…

When I run this it looks to be working as I would expect, I don’t see an extra b in text2 on input A on the second compare and in the output I see 1 item in A, 2 in different and 1 in B which looks to match the data.

While looking at this again I have just noticed that for me the code node is not actually outputting all of the data which is a bit odd. Will do some more testing

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@Jon Did you try just launch the workflow I provided without extra nodes? You should see the Code node output is changed by this later node. How is that possible?
Re-running the Code node helps

Hey @artildo,

That was the first thing I did, I also ran it on 0.235.0, 0.231.3 and 1.0.0 to see if it was an odd version issue. As you have not filled out the template I am not sure which version you are running so was not able to test the same version.

@Jon I’m on 0.233.1

Can you try on the currently latest release and see if that is any better?

@Jon Updated to 234.1
Still persists
So it happens when the “text2” property stands or stood as exclusion in the Compare Datasets node.

Hey @artildo,

I have finally managed to reproduce it, Turns out I just had to refresh the browser not sure why it was all good on 3 different versions but it does explain why I was seeing null as well. I have created an internal ticket for this which we are tracking as NODE-632.


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